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REFA Association in Egypt, Libya and Morocco!

Training & implementation - work design, industrial organisation, company development in Egypt, Libya and Morocco.

Ongoing Projects and Partnerships in Egypt

GETS is especially keen on providing knowledge transfer and partnerships between European and German institutions and local recipients like governmental offices, universities or sponsored vocational training programs.


1 - Cooperation with the Arab League’s Council for Economic Unity.

2 - Cooperation with Port Said University

Review of the possibility of introducing programs supporting women in the field of business development. Supported by Dr. Ines Sheikh, Vice President of the University of Port Said for Environmental Affairs and Community Service and former Secretary General of the National Council for Women in Port Said and former deputy secretary of the National Council for Women in Egypt in the process of supporting women in the field of business development. German interest in the same initiative and the corresponding program in Germany under the title of "Learning from each other"

3 - Cooperation with Suez Canal University

Striving to establish exchange and research especially in logistics related studies

Further vocational education

- to annually question topics, contents and form of our seminars and to adjust or complement them accordingly.

- to constantly check and improve our trainers‘ qualifications and performance

REFA-International (Federal Association)

- to worldwide offer further education and coaching - from our base in Germany or through our local partners.

- to cultivate and expand our international partnerships.

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