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Success factors for national as well as smaller international companies

- Machines with appropriate technology
- appropriate organisational structure
- well-trained workforce, employees and management.

Optimally designed work systems, process-oriented work organisation and the handling of quality-oriented production indicators are fundamental prerequisites for a company to remain competitive.

Nobody would board an aircraft if they were not sure that the airline has well-trained employees, that the engine is constantly professionally maintained, and that the pilots, ground technicians and service personnel are highly qualified and well-trained.

Networking Group

That is why it must be called today

.... the right organisation of work organisation
... continuous optimization of core and supporting work processes
... the best possible and most efficient industrial organisation

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„Work design means creating a process oriented, optimized cooperation of work force, resources, and equipment, taking into account human capacity and demands“

„Industrial organization according to REFA includes planning, devising and steering of work systems including the necessary data capture, with the aim of creating a competitive and humane work process. “


The association has transferred know-how and knowledge as standardized vocational trainings since its foundation in 1924 in Berlin; for a long time through further education. With its continuously further developed core competences REFA contributes to optimizing the competitiveness of the economy as well as the working conditions of workers and employees. Trainers/Teachers need to complete a special train-the-trainer program before they can hold a seminar. The further education offer includes seminars and complete training programs for skilled personnel and management staff.

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