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Management & Structuring

Generally, the implementation of a Quality Management System in accordance to the ISO standards is defining clear structures for the processes, responsibilities and duties.


Therefore, the workflow is explicitly defined and this will be the foundation for the continuous im-provement process (PDCA). Essential to achieve these targets all the existing workflows, units, persons, responsibilities and duties must be collected and integrated in a documentation system.

GETS is combining consulting, training and management experience from national and international projects for different industrial as well as administrative organisations.

The establishment of ISO standards especially the ISO 9001 is a key step towards an im-proved quality management system - completed by the environmental (ISO 14.001) as well as the health and safety (OHSAS 18.001) and ISO 22.0001 (food safety) as well as ISO 50.001 (energy management) aspects it leads to an Integrated Management System (IMS) in combination with TS 16949 for automotive sectore as an example. In the framework of international cooperation, the ISO standards and other standards became necessary have for global players.

This opens up the possibility to check and control internal and external processes. The interaction and cooperation of different parts in the organization via their interphases will be determined and can be steered. This initial set up process is the basis for a continuous, systematical and sustainable development process for each company into a bright and successful future also for it’s stakeholders. For such project realization, it is recommended to create a specific project organization, which is responsible for the management, the support and monitoring of the project. The design and implementation of the company consists of four components:

- Situation Analysis/study of the current situation and development of an implementation strategy

- Building of the (Integrated) Management System

- Implementation of the project goals

- Supervision of the implementation of new processes and procedures

- Evaluation and Review

- Establishment of an internal Auditing System related to the ISO norm

- Supporting in automotive assessments according TS 16949 (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3)

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