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The REFA Methodology includes the traditional core knowledge of REFA which is continuously updated since 1924.


The core methods focus on optimizing work processes as well as on the determination and evaluation of operational data. With the methods and tools provided by the REFA Methodology one can evaluate work processes in a systematic and holistic approach; thus, the entire value added chain of an organization can be analyzed and optimized.


Noteworthy of the REFA Methodology is its neutrality in tariff politics. Before a method is up-dated and published, the content is checked by the Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA) and the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB).

Trainers/Teachers need to complete a special train-the-trainer program before they can hold a seminar.

The further education offer includes seminars and complete training programs for skilled personnel and management staff.

REFA’s range of training products in Work System Optimization, Operations Organisation and Business Development is available for you worldwide. We will be by your side all the way from Germany to any destination via our extensive network of partners. REFA Know How - available worldwide.


REFA vocational training content examples:

  • Work system, performance unit, process element

  • Principles of work design

  • Task and process (structuring and design)

  • Work data management (process and time types)

  • Perfomance rating

  • REFA time study (execution and evaluation)

  • Setup time (determination and optimization)

  • Determination of standard data elements

  • Contingency allowance determination

  • Activity sampling

  • Utilisation of work data for cost calculation

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