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Advisory Service for Improvement of
Manufacturing Companies and other SME‘s

The Improvement Service was set up to help and support our clients to encounter challenges arising from complex, uncertain and dynamic external and internal business environments with well-structured actions for improvement and development. 

Increasing challenges in the external and internal environments of companies require systematic actions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of business processes

GETS implements a concept for “professionalizing” SME’s in Egypt, Libya as well in Morocco.


This aims at implementing international standards applied by the most successful German companies. Target: improved capabilities of export; better overall competitiveness in relevant markets; transparency of priority fields for management action

Professionalization means a comprehensive development process.

It is essential to select SME‘s with a strong motivation, readyness and willingness to improve.

Involvement and commitment of top management is essential.

"Strengthening for Quality, Export and Competitiveness"

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