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German technology is much in demand and has an excellent reputation - but at the same time the MENA states are very competitive markets where it is essential to represent German reliability and precision. The increasing consciousness of the need for global competitiveness has led to a growing awareness of the demands made in the fields of recruiting, engineering and knowledge transfer, and training. Based on our expert knowledge and network, GETS aims at facilitating a better exchange based on real life needs and requirements. Our team of experts has been at work for more than fifteen years, always keeping track with our esteemed customers' demands. We try not only to meet your needs but to anticipate them, working with a multiple approach to our clients' requests.


Development and expansion of business activities in the MENA Region (Middle East & North Africa).

The MENA Region (Middle East & North Africa) is an area with very promising business prospects!

As a reliable transfer and engineering partner, GETS is highly versatile and skilled in adapting expertise and services to dynamic market requirements and constant technological advances. This is the only way to provide customers with the professional support they need to remain adaptable and make the right decisions today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our project managers are chosen to deliver efficient, tailor-made solutions of the highest standard!

Before setting out on a project we pinpoint the business opportunity and work out whether the original business concept is viable and business plans will result in success. Our experts conduct a variety of detailed studies for customers providing a solid basis for innovation and other business opportunities. We provide support during the implementation phase, if issues related to schedules, budgets, or the technology about to be introduced arise. 

Our experts view things from every angle, providing clients with tangible guidance to make the right decision or solve the problem in hand. As a result, customers are in a much better position to exploit new opportunities, minimize risks and overcome existing or future hurdles. Technology and engineering often involves complex processes, at times long and costly, with tight schedules and high expenses; these need professional control during the whole project. GETS place existing solutions under the microscope, point out new courses of action and evaluate each alternative. GETS clients benefit from our interdisciplinary make-up.

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